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Food Chapter


‘The Food Chapter’ connects quarantined individuals and families with those willing to provide food for the required time.

The project started when Tavissi’s friend’s entire family tested positive, and it was up to a 17-year-old to cook and manage the household for two full weeks. As her mother sent over food to her friend’s house, she realised there must be other families in need of similar support and other families willing to extend the same. ‘The Food Chapter’ was started to help provide food to quarantined individuals and families by linking them to others who are willing to provide food.

Our goal is to ensure that COVID patients and their families do not have to worry about where their next meal will come from.

How The Food Chapter Works

With a simple form to fill, the Food Chapter connects quarantined individuals/families with those willing to provide food for the required time. In case we are unable to find a match, we contact local home-shares or larger food providing services to do the needful.

Disclaimer: The food chapter is not a part of the fundraiser project. The funds being raised are solely to procure oxygen cylinders.

If you are someone who is quarantined due to COVID, fill out our form here to receive home-cooked meals.

If you are willing to provide food for quarantined individuals and families, register yourself at

Volunteer With Us - Your Support is Needed

As a small student-run organization, our need for volunteers is constant and continues to evolve as we navigate through this health crisis. Join us now and make a significant difference in someone’s life.

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