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‘The Help Desk’ is a database of verified information consisting of resources for COVID patients that is updated regularly.

Our founder, Tavissi Jain, served as the oxygen support coordinator at the Miranda House COVID Help Desk in Delhi for nearly a month at the peak of the second COVID wave in India. Inspired by the work she did with the Miranda House Help Desk, she wanted to help bridge the information gap between availability and requirement of resources for people in and around Coimbatore as well. ‘The Help Desk’ was created to provide a database of verified resources for COVID patients.

‘The Help Desk’ aims to bridge the information gap between the availability and requirement of COVID resources for those in need.

Need for a Database

We recognised that although many resources are available, albeit scarcely, most people are unsure of where or how to look for them. This includes hospital beds and medicines, ambulances, COVID test centres, vaccination centres etc. COVID patients in India have become increasingly reliant on information circulating on social media for access to resources. The reliance on social media and other crowd-sourced initiatives for information was heightened during the second wave when resources were scarce. However, in many instances, people found that the information either appeared to be false or outdated.

Given the current need and the problems associated with it, we have collated a database of resources and offer real-time updates and verifications on various aids.

‘The Help Desk’ Database

‘The Help Desk’ is a database of verified information and resources for COVID patients. The document (available in both English and Tamil) is constantly updated and is easily accessible via our social media platforms.

Resources are scarce and availability is subject to change; so please keep that in mind when contacting these leads. We will keep updating the list to the best of our abilities. You can access the database on the resources page.

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