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The Info Desk


The Info Desk creates informational posts about COVID on Social Media, with the help of a team of medical professionals, to disseminate correct information regarding COVID.

New COVID variants, fungi, convoluted instructions for home-care and vaccine-related misinformation have negatively affected people with otherwise milder cases, as well as added to the stress already present on the healthcare system. The Info Desk was born from the necessity to disseminate correct information about COVID.

We work with medical professionals to promote facts over fear, bringing reliable guidance to those affected and infected by the virus.

Misinformation and Panic

Amidst the current Pandemic, there has been an epidemic of ‘information’ that makes COVID stand out as a ‘digital infodemic’ - an overabundance of information, both online and offline. Misinformation has been an invariable accompaniment causing people to take wrong health care measures, overplay or downplay symptoms, attempt risky and ‘cures’ or ‘prevention’ methods at home. All of these can cause an added stress to the already overworked health system.

Role of The Info Desk

We work with a team of four medical professionals, working with COVID patients who break down crucial COVID related information. To increase accessibility and expand reach, we publish information in both Tamil and English on our social media platforms. Some of our recent posts include details about Mucormycosis, Vaccine Myths, and Stress Management Techniques for COVID.

Anecdotal Account of How The Info Desk Might be Helpful

As the system currently runs, most hospitals only provide ICU beds to people with SPO2 below a certain predefined level, others are more likely to be directed to normal oxygen-equipped beds. However, someone without this information might approach the helpline and ask for an ICU bed, leading him to a hospital where the administration may refuse to take the patient, leading to further panic and confusion.

Volunteer With Us - Your Support is Needed

As a small student-run organization, our need for volunteers is constant and continues to evolve as we navigate through this health crisis. Join us now and make a significant difference in someone’s life.

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