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Oxygen Cylinders


‘Help Tiruppur Breathe’ is a fundraiser to procure and donate oxygen cylinders to the Government Hospital Pool of Tiruppur District.

We have collaborated with the Community Organisation for Oppressed and Depressed Upliftment (COODU), a Coimbatore-based NGO and Rehabilitation Centre for Blind Women (RCBW), a Trichy-based NGO. These funds will be used to procure and donate oxygen cylinders to the Government Hospital Pool of the Tiruppur District. Our partnership with the Tiruppur District Administration will ensure distribution and subsequent refilling of the cylinders.

We plan on delivering 30 jumbo oxygen cylinders along with 25 flowmeters and 25 rotameters to the Tiruppur District Collectorate by June 10.

Fundraiser for Oxygen Cylinders in Association with Tiruppur District Administration:

Tiruppur has been one of the worst-hit cities in the second wave of COVID in India. In just one month, it saw a six-fold increase in cases with the death toll nearly doubled.

Among our first initiatives is a fundraiser for the sum of Rs. 10,00,000 to procure oxygen cylinders that will be donated to the Government Hospital Pool of the Tiruppur District. Our healthcare systems have been overburdened by the latest surge in COVID cases, this contribution will help enhance the capacity of Government Hospitals.

We have partnered with the Tiruppur District Administration to facilitate the delivery of the said oxygen cylinders and handle their distribution. The administration has also accepted the responsibility of subsequent refilling of cylinders on rotation and ensuring hospitals have a smooth supply.

The administration has assured that these cylinders will further be used for medical facilities in rural areas of the district as the surge of cases spreads to these regions.

Further Collaboration with District Administrations:

We hope to continue working with the district administration in Coimbatore and our neighbouring district, Tiruppur, to understand areas that require attention and provide assistance to the best of our capacity. We will be undertaking fundraiser rounds for specific purposes, such as this, in the future as well.

Any contribution will be of immense help to needy citizens. You can donate to us here.

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